Book Review!

This is utterly terrible, due to I’m using my webcam because my phone is broken and such. So anyways this is my rehearsal for a book review on “Stealing Parker” by “Miranda Kenneally” enjoy?



I hate leaving posts off for a while. I don’t want to abandon something that has been an amazing work in progress for me. Sorry for the late post, I’ve been what you could say busy with academics and school in general. So far I have joined five clubs in total and possibly going to join more depending on if I’m capable of having that many things on my plate. So school has been a good journey so far, talk to you soon,

-Blogger101 ❤

First Week!

First week back to school went better then I expected, it wasn’t over the top exiting nor really boring but it was okay. I’m reading How I Lost You as of right now by Janet Gurtler, its really intriguing and I cannot seem to put it down.