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My Personal Advice (School Edtion)

Starting a new school year for some people can be exiting, for others it can be stressful but with whatever category you fit in this year here are some tips to starting the year off fresh and awesome.

1. If you feel like you have done barely anything this summer but you want to give your friends the impression you have changed a whole lot, well what you should do first off is get a hair cut, it may not seem like not much but it can help you feel different and new, and I assure you, your friends will see it as well.

2. If your going to a new school and your worried about such things like; the bus, not knowing where to go, know worries the teachers will be there to help you, and will give more then enough information as to what you will do.

3. This may sound weird in your eyes but remember this is my personal advice, make a risk list, as in things to do, to start the school year off. Its not about the stuff you do more then the life lesson I hope you learn when its done.

4. Watch some YouTube videos get some insightful advice from different people, who have a different point of view on things.

5.  Meet at least one new person, whether it be the mail man to a Wal-Mart greeter (I’ve done this)

6. Don’t have to many expectations, school is not going to be like the movies you’ve been watching all summer 😉

7. Make amends with a least one person you have drifted apart from.

8. Find at least five new songs to listen to.

9. Read!

10.  Get into a new fandom.


These are by me, myself and I so any unhelpful advice I am sorry for. Good Luck!

Yours truly -Blogger101



I Remembered How Amazing Life Truly Is (the BET pt.3)

So my summer dwindles down to the last two or so weeks and I’m checking things off my mental list of things I have and haven’t done.  I of course did not accomplish the bet, I didn’t think I would but I at least had it as a mind set. surprisingly I did have a few friends offer to help but I also didn’t want to, it wouldn’t be the same. Sadly I didn’t learn to many life lessons this summer if any at all but I did learn to play guitar; skateboard (bad experience), how to be prepared for high school, and most of all I learned to appreciate the time you have (maybe that was a life lesson.)

This has been another meaningful ramble and I hoped you enjoyed it. Ta ta for now -Blogger101

Things I’ve Been Doing When I’m Bored

. I stick my head out the window and pretend I’m a Disney princess ❤

. I name objects in my house

. Listening to every song on my playlist (without skipping songs)

. Talk to people I don’t usually talk to and find out more about them

. Find out my initial goal for going back to school

. Read and watch advice on things I’m not very good at such as how to videos

. Practicing  guitar