Think About It And Take A Step Back

I created this blog to share imformation about my life and those around me, but what most people don’t know is I created it to improve my literary skills, and as you can see my vocabulary is not what you can call the greatest either.

So why I have chosen to call my self Blogger101 is, 101 often meaning learning a type  of subject. Therefore I’m a young blogger who is just trying to learn a thing or two here and there. This might be a work in progress but the outcome of it all is worth the wait.

-Blogger101 ❤


~Short but Sweet~

I’v been doing a lot of thinking lately, which is no suprise because I am an avid thinker, but this is different in way. I thought about what it means to have a so called “great summer” its of course more important who your with, other then what you do. So even though my plans and my schedule’s may not go as planned or I can’t do anything over the top or exiting I will have made some great memories.

I’d thought I would share that with you, and to keep it short but sweet, blog ya later.

Ta ta for now! -Blogger101