Not another day in paradise

I may be an all or nothing type of person, but I wouldn’t change that about me for anything. I’m so deep on Saturday’s, I swore nobody would believe how depressed or emotional I can get over many songs. I’m naturally one to hide me serious side, I think that’s how I should put it for now. To do something worth my while, I wrote every wish I have for the month down on a sheet of paper; folded it, placed it into a box, and pushed it under a shelf. Alot of that problably doesn’t make any sense what so ever but its a crazy superstision I have, where if am able to forget about the wishes they will come true over time. Its wierd I know, but suprisingly its worked in the past. Another superstision of mine is I tend to believe wishing at 8:11 if far more powerful then making a wish at 11:11 its because there is this whole symbolism that goes with the number eight. Oh and of course eight and eleven happen to be my two favorite numbers without the whole wishing thing, when I was around eight I thought I saw the number alot so I just counted it as one of my favorites. As for eleven my birthday falls on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. If yolo was not so over used that’s how I would end every entry. So for now I shall end it with this week has not been another day in paradise, well ta ta for now!


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