School Year GONE :O

As the title clearly states, my school year is over finally. I don’t want to be cliche and say it has been the best, nor the worste, it has had its down falls like any school would but I’m finally moving on and going to highschool! So many things to achieve this summer and what I believe in so little time. Of course I have to travel which is how I’m starting it off and then theatre camp with my totally best friends. I really hope I get to make new adventures, meet new people, and you never know maybe a guy…well actually no scratch that not going to happen and besides that I’m forever alone.


Not another day in paradise

I may be an all or nothing type of person, but I wouldn’t change that about me for anything. I’m so deep on Saturday’s, I swore nobody would believe how depressed or emotional I can get over many songs. I’m naturally one to hide me serious side, I think that’s how I should put it for now. To do something worth my while, I wrote every wish I have for the month down on a sheet of paper; folded it, placed it into a box, and pushed it under a shelf. Alot of that problably doesn’t make any sense what so ever but its a crazy superstision I have, where if am able to forget about the wishes they will come true over time. Its wierd I know, but suprisingly its worked in the past. Another superstision of mine is I tend to believe wishing at 8:11 if far more powerful then making a wish at 11:11 its because there is this whole symbolism that goes with the number eight. Oh and of course eight and eleven happen to be my two favorite numbers without the whole wishing thing, when I was around eight I thought I saw the number alot so I just counted it as one of my favorites. As for eleven my birthday falls on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. If yolo was not so over used that’s how I would end every entry. So for now I shall end it with this week has not been another day in paradise, well ta ta for now!


Having a blog is all about sometimes honesty and most of the time confessions, so here I go. I have this huge fear of roller coasters because after watching Final Destination I have the biggest suspision that if I go on one I’m going to die off of it. Sadly I’m getting forced onto one by a friend, I don’t think anything could be more frightening for me. My conclusion to the whole thing is I’m just going to whipser “were going to die” the wholeee time in their ear. I honestly don’t think I’m over reacting at all it surely completely normal!


Waiting for that moment that nobody can describe. It does not happen to people who expect but to only those with enough patience to wait. What am I describing? you may ask, well friendship,happiness any of the following things that don’t come on command, they make a horrible day turn into a terrific day in an instant. It’s what we wait for eve.ry moment but I’v also learned with determination, you might just go against the odds and accomplish it

Were judged by the way we look, the covers not quiet like the book. Were just so misunderstood. It’s so obvious there’s nothing wrong with us at all, because its are life were all right know were not going to go and make the same mistakes you might have made!