We always interperet our dreams. I believe that symbolism in our dreams fortells the future. I’m more into the kind of dream where you find out how the symbolism relates to my currant situtation. I’m obsessed with fate! anything that helps me make sense of this odd life is really fascinating. At the beginning of the year I made a chart. The chart has topics related to fate that I wanted to know more about and each one has its own month. During the month I learn as much as I can then go over everything I’v found. By the end of this year I’ll be an expert on fate. Some of the names are wierd but whatever it was for my personal enjoyment. I’m only on Palmistry as for right now although.

Here’s my chart:

September      Numerology

October         Graphology

November      Moon signs

Decemeber    Creative Visualisation

January          Buddnism

Febuary         Shamanism

March            Dream analysis

April              Tarot

May              Palmistry

June             Gemology



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