Third Wheel

daily glass of Mardini

You know what sucks? When you’re a third wheel.

“It’ll be fun!” Shut up… *sad face*
I hear the kissing noises, the intimate whispers, the inside jokes that couples have, and the way they naturally distance themselves from the third wheel (me) as they fall into their own bubble of love. It’s sweet, but not when i’m the single and bitter about love bitch. Third wheeling sucks and it sucks even more when they get lovey dovey. What do you do? Where do you look? How do you not look awkward and lonely? How do I pretend I did not just see that…
It’s those moments where you want to run away or cut their tongues off. It just sucks. My god these hormones are driving me wild. I never realized how much I want someone to be there in that sense. I don’t need a guy to give meaning…

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