Disney Point Of View

Why Disney Channel Has become a Bad Influence On Kids
I think the Disney Channel, without life lessons or morals, is like a book with empty pages — theres nothing to learn.
Imagine the shows you used to know and love. How would you feel if the channel you watched day after day got suddenly changed into a program where children are judged for looking a certain way the characters focus on their self-image more than the actual meaning of the show? Now I think the question here is how did it get so bad? The Disney Channel should change because the characters have become unrealistic, the channel promotes bullying, and the content is stereotypical.
I grew up where it did not matter what age you were you just loved sitting down to watch Disney Channel. Now its all about the entertainment and the wealth of others. In reality its become so unrealistic nobody can relate to the characters. For example A.N.T Farm is a show about tweens who have special talents. They skip middle school and go straight into high school. Their talents are musical and artistic so therefore its unrealistic because their talents don’t depict on their knowledge towards school, so the work would not be up to there level, it would be as if they were taking regular high school classes.
Another reason for it being such a bad influence on kids  is it promotes bullying -_- This has been seen on a show known as Jesse. They have a girl about eleven or twelve who wears glasses, has a ponytail, and loves nature. Through scenes throughout the show she gets called “freak or “weirdo” multiple times. Generally they made her out as the “geek”
Last but not least my final reason regarding the subject is its stereotypical. The way people dress on their shows are typically something new and what they see or call normal. I’ve watched many times, when there happens to be a person who dresses punk, edgy or just different they classify them as a “bad soul”
Clearly Disney Channel need to change because of stereotypes, bullying and the unrealistic content. All together would you want to be learning how and what you should wear? or never the least what you should not wear? To sum this whole thing up kids are now learning from Disney what to do and not to do in society,as how I think the wrong way to be taught. Something to think about next time you turn on Disney what are they really teaching you? It should be called to action that its not what kids should be watching it should be changed into something they learn.

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