Two words!! Spring Break ?!! Booya!.

What shall I do this spring break? So far the last few breaks I’v had I basically did nothing, well for this one its going to be alot different (hopefully)

I have made a list of a few things I hope to do over it. They are not to hard so I’m positive I’ll get them done!

1. Hair cut! blah :b thats what I dread

2. Meet someone new

3. Party with my best friends ❤

4. Haha another trip to walmart ;) boy that was fun the other time I went

5. See a movie (nothing special)

6. Do something new everyday

7. Don’t watch tv for more then 2 hours. Its all about fun!

8. Get loads of skittles blah ;b

9. Make a youtube video

10. Sleep.Sleep.Sleep!!!


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